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Starting a Business in Bemidji

You are not on this journey alone, and our Start-Up Guide is meant to help you get started. It contains contact information and other resources that you will find extremely valuable in starting your business. The goal of the guide is to not only make the process of starting your business easier and more seamless, but also to help you evaluate your idea so you have the best chance of success.


As easy as 1, 2, 3. . .

Connect with the LaunchPad.

Evaluate your business.

Apply for required local, state & national permits - with our help!

Business In Bemidji
Launchpad Resources

Mentor Office Hours

Mentor Office Hours

Experienced business mentors from the community have been assembled to provide entrepreneurs another resource for advice and guidance. These retired executives and business leaders bring diverse skill sets and valuable experience to the younger entrepreneurs. Contact LaunchPad staff to learn more about this opportunity to learn and grow.

MARS Program

Marketing Assistance and Research Services (MARS) Program

The Marketing Assistance and Research Services Program through Bemidji State University. Marketing students working along-side their professors provide businesses with market research through surveys, focus groups, interviews, feasibility studies, and strategic management analysis. Click here to learn more.



LaunchPad staff and partners will coordinate trainings to meet the needs of members and local entrepreneurs. The state-of-the-art facility offers video conference and presentation technology excellent for trainings and seminars. View our Events page for a full list of upcoming trainings and seminars.

Meeting Space

Meeting Space

LaunchPad has several meeting rooms available to members and open to the public for business purposes for a fee. Contact us at launchpad@greaterbemidji.com or 218-444-5758 to book a room.

Gap Financing

We provide capital through gap financing funds offered through Greater Bemidji and other local organizations. That’s right–we give business loans!

Launchpad Angel Networks

Headwaters Angel Network

The Headwaters Angel Network connects local, high-net-worth individuals with early-stage companies seeking funding. This service provides investment opportunities, due diligence, and mentoring.

Grants and Government Incentives

The Headwaters Angel Network connects local, high-net-worth individuals with early-stage companies seeking funding. This service provides investment opportunities, due diligence, and mentoring.

Current Grants

View the available Launch Innovation Grants

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  • Business Consulting

    One-on-one business advising from Launchpad team in collaboration with SBDC consultants.

  • Business Education

    Focused on marketing, buying and selling businesses, financial management, and more; tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur community in partnership with organizations such as NW Small Business Development Center.

  • Business 101

    Practical courses and workshops on business planning, marketing, financial management, and sales taught by experienced professionals.

  • Collaborator Network

    Connecting local entrepreneurs with experienced local business executives and innovative tinkerers.

Launchpad Startup Lobby

Startup Compass

Starting up isn’t easy. Fortunately, you’re not alone. There are incredible resources in the Bemidji region including accelerators, funds, peer and mentor networks, co-working spaces, and much more.


The Bemidji Startup Compass, powered by Startup Space, is designed to help you make the right connections. Use the tool to filter organizations, services and resources and discover the ones that are uniquely positioned to help you start, scale and sustain your venture.

Resource Database

A collection of resources aimed at helping entrepreneurs to start, grow, and succeed in their ventures.