Bemidji Launchpad Updates:

  • The LaunchPad will remain open to co-workers who will maintain social distance. 
  • Greater Bemidji staff will be working from home when possible for the month of April.  
  • To support our local businesses in response to the increased demand for remote and distance working, Greater Bemidji will be reaching out to offer the LaunchPad’s space/services for those who need gigabit wifi, video/web conferencing, and space to spread out.  We will ensure that any increase in the number of LaunchPad users WILL NOT negatively affect our ability to ensure social distancing.
  • All scheduled meetings and events utilizing the Mayflower Building meeting rooms scheduled during April have been canceled, or have moved to virtual Zoom meetings.

Bemidji & MN COVID-19 Updates:

 National COVID-19 Updates:

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